Health Insurance

CITO’s healthcare consultants assist the employer by providing insight into your health and wellness strategy. We take data across your various health and wellness assets and use this to inform your health strategy and measure performance.

Our Health Asset Review process uses data analysis to assess whether the health products that you have in place to encourage your employee’s health and wellness are aligned to your health strategy and deliver a measurable return on investment. The Health Asset Review ensures that the health products you have in place continue to be relevant and appropriate for your employees.

It integrates your health and wellness programmes, deliverables, programme accessibility and group human capital strategy into a measurable overall health and wellness strategy and implementation plan. The data across the various health assets will be reviewed and cross referenced over a 3 to 5 year time frame.

The final step of the Health Asset Review is to create an integrated health and wellness strategy dashboard to manage and measure the effectiveness of the employer’s strategic objectives, agreed initiatives and targets going forward.