Healthcare Intermediary Solutions

CITO Consult delivers market leading healthcare intermediary services and solutions that are focused on the individual. We offer independent unbiased advice to guide companies’ holistic healthcare requirements. We recognise that each employer group is unique and therefore our solutions and services are unique.

Employee Benefits Specialist

Our services not only include the standard transactional services you would expect from your intermediary – but we also provide you with the consulting expertise, benefits, and tools to improve the overall health and wellbeing of your employees.

Unique Healthcare Cover Needs

Our skilled advisory team consults extensively with businesses to ensure that every individual is on the best plan for their unique healthcare cover needs, and in line with their life-stage and circumstances.

Manage Medical Scheme Risk

Our team helps businesses manage current and future medical scheme risk by offering solution-driven analysis and risk-based strategies based on employees’ behavioural patterns, claims experience, and business needs.