Administration Review Services

CITO Consult powered by is well placed to provide an independent review of administration services for Clients. We can are committed in finding you the best administrator to assist with the following services:

  1. Ability to submit Claims must be submitted electronically
  2. Member Records
    Members have their own investment account (priced daily). Assets and liabilities are matched.Section 37D deductions (divorce, maintenance and home loan deductions) are held on the member record.
  3. Integrated Accounting Systems
    Accounting functionality is built into the system. The accounting record is updated in real time with the system record. Monthly management accounts are used. Assets and liabilities are matched.
  4. Workflow Enabled Administrators
    They have different security access and the manager has control and can review processes. The administrator is led through every process by the system.
  5. Electronic Interface
    Electronic Interface with banks and SARS Bank statements can be uploaded. Cash book entries are reconciled electronically. Tax directive applications are done online.
  6. Web Portal And Smartphone App For Members
    Access to own record. Update nomination of beneficiary forms. Fund-specific communication can be made available to members on the web portal or smartphone app
  7. Communication Material Access
    annual benefit statements and all relevant certificates. A contact centre with the relevant official language capability . Relevant and up to date communication strategy for members
  8. Legal Services Prepare The Fund Rules And Amendments
    Liaise with the regulator and SARS for the approval of the fund rules and amendments in terms of the Pension Funds Act and Income Tax Act. Assist in obtaining legal opinions on matters relating to the fund on request of the board. Draft responses relating to complaints of an administrative nature and submit any responses to complaints lodged against the fund on behalf of the board. Submit documents to the Authorities as requested by the fund. Regular legal updates are provided to clients. NMG can assist in ensuring that the fund complies with the legal requirements. Draft Section 14 documentation and arrange for submission to the regulator.