Member Services

Traditional healthcare service models have a limited interaction with employees leading to low engagement levels and many employees not enjoying the benefit of a trusted healthcare advisor.

We have a proactive approach to member services and focus on employees and look to identify benefit usage and plan selection at an individual level.

  1. Communication
    We aim to maximise the engagement with employees to ensure that they know who we are and what we do. The key to engagement is effective communication. SmartConnect is a first-to-market communication strategy that provides our healthcare consulting team with the necessary communication tools to reach members effectively. This market-first solution ensures that we reach your employees directly. Employees get access to CITO educational tools with no data costs.
    The communication channels include:

    • Email
    • Post
    • SmartCall contact centre
    • Onsite presence
    • Walk in to CITO’s offices
    • SmartView SMS service
    • SmartScreen technology
    • Internet and intranet technology
  2. SmartCall Contact Centre
    Your employees and their dependants will have access to SmartCall, at no extra cost, to assist with unresolved queries, problems with account payments, confirmation of benefits and administration procedures, clarification of annual changes to benefits, changes to membership status and disputes with medical schemes, administrators or service suppliers.
  3. Plan Selection Assistance
    NMG’s healthcare consultants have developed an Intelligent Plan Selection Tool to identify members that are on plans that do not fit their usage data. NMG uses this information to proactively contact individuals who should possibly consider changing plan options at the end of each calendar year